iMargin - Margin Calculator App Reviews

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No update for iOS6-7?

This comes really handy for me, use the app every day, however, no screen resolution for iPhone5 or later and visual elements are bit too frustrating, since that could be another factor for people to pick the app. Otherwise, great app with straightforward function, I never had issue with this app for last 2 years :)

Never updated this software!

Knock knock.. Someone there? Getup.......

Definitely the BEST margin calc

Wow, THATS the quality! Was looking for a margin calc for a time. Even tried some other margin calcs here. And thats the only one that fits the highest standarts of design and usability. The icon is funny a bit though:) Anyway, if you need to know your margin - that app will count it quickly and easily.

Works very well!

Ive tried another margin calculator by the name of Margin Calc and it works good too. It has its place too. But this App is VERY easy to use and its UI is kind of fun. Yes, I said a calculator is fun. It is well worth the .99! I recommend by giving 5 stars!!

Great app

Easy to use...a must have app for any business person!

Works great

Best of the best out there. Numbers could be a little bigger though

Great app!

Does exactly what it says. Very easy! Well worth the money!

Great for salesmen

Easy to use, I use in meetings for quick it!

Great app!

Ive used a bunch of margin calculators and apps over the years, this by far is the best. It does exactly what it says and does it well. Its saves me a lot time in doing quotes and it works so quickly I can even use it in front of my clients. This app has literally paid for itself more than a thousand times over. Cool logo too!


Excellent straightforward app


Need to add %

Delivers as promised.

Use it regularly because the interface is intuitive, its quick, and performs exactly as advertised.

Genius sales tool

Wow. First app I ever bought. Best investment yet. If youre in front of customer you can get your sell price on the fly. And if they peek or someone comes up behind you, shake it and poof all fields are clear. Love it.

Margin Calc

Works perfectly. I like the ability to move margin% incrementally by swiping up and down. Very easy to use. I would like the ability to change the $ increment when swiping vertically to either $100s or $1,000s which is more representative in the business world. Highly recommend.


I love the program, But since I updated my software to OS4 I cant calculate in the millions? Is an update coming to fix this?

everyday utility

I use iMargin every day in my business & it works flawlessly. Have not upgraded to most recent version because Im still on iOS 3.1.3 & just concerned about functionality. If I didnt use this puppy constantly, I wouldnt be worried! Cant afford to have it go down. If you have quotes or proposals to do, you need this... its well worth a buck.


Does everything quickly for a snapshot of my profit margin. Easy easy to use.


A brilliantly elegant app that simplifies an oft misunderstood retail calculation. A "to-the-point" must have app with a better interface than other FREE or pay apps I have tested.

Great App

One of the best. Thanks to creator.

No retina display

App does not support retina display, so ugly. Does not even have a option to update to pro, which looks like it supports ret display.

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