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iMargin - Margin Calculator app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 9536 ratings )
Business Finance
Developer: SUI Solutions
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.6.3, last update: 5 months ago
First release : 19 Feb 2009
App size: 7.14 Mb

Instant margin calculator

Selected as an iTunes Staff Favorite for the month of December!

"Whether youre chasing a magical margin percentage or simply trying to figure out what prices your market will bear, iMargin provides quick answers. 5 out of 5 stars."
- MacLife, JAN/10

"If you are a business owner or do purchasing for your company, or even run an EBAY store, this application would come highly recommended from this business owner!"
- appVersity (

Compute and fine-tune your margin in just seconds with iMargin from SUI Solutions. iMargin is the perfect solution when you need to make a quick decision and there’s no time to input an extensive formula. Just enter two values and iMargin will instantly populate the rest.

Need to determine your sell price with a particular cost and a set margin? Simply enter the cost and margin to instantly see both sell price and gross margin.

Likewise, you can input any two values and view the result as you’re typing. There’s no need to select a formula or parameter to be calculated.

iMargin senses finger taps and uses traditional iPhone gestures, including clearing a field by swiping and shaking your device to clear all fields.

iMargin Features:

- Calculation on-the-fly
- Fields double as input or output
- In-place arithmetical operations
- Tax calculations
- Clearing a single field by swiping it
- Clearing all fields by shaking the device
- Accidental shake protection with Undo
- Customizable options: precision, shake sensitivity and the default field for startup.

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Pros and cons of iMargin - Margin Calculator app for iPhone and iPad

iMargin - Margin Calculator app good for

This comes really handy for me, use the app every day, however, no screen resolution for iPhone5 or later and visual elements are bit too frustrating, since that could be another factor for people to pick the app. Otherwise, great app with straightforward function, I never had issue with this app for last 2 years :)
Wow, THATS the quality! Was looking for a margin calc for a time. Even tried some other margin calcs here. And thats the only one that fits the highest standarts of design and usability. The icon is funny a bit though:) Anyway, if you need to know your margin - that app will count it quickly and easily.
Ive tried another margin calculator by the name of Margin Calc and it works good too. It has its place too. But this App is VERY easy to use and its UI is kind of fun. Yes, I said a calculator is fun. It is well worth the .99! I recommend by giving 5 stars!!
Best of the best out there. Numbers could be a little bigger though
Ive used a bunch of margin calculators and apps over the years, this by far is the best. It does exactly what it says and does it well. Its saves me a lot time in doing quotes and it works so quickly I can even use it in front of my clients. This app has literally paid for itself more than a thousand times over. Cool logo too!
Use it regularly because the interface is intuitive, its quick, and performs exactly as advertised.

Some bad moments

App does not support retina display, so ugly. Does not even have a option to update to pro, which looks like it supports ret display.
Use this app all the time. Comes in handy. BUT--cmon really no retina support? And now it needs to be update for the iPhone 5 screen size. Do that and its a 5 star app for sure.
Works pretty solid, but it seriously needs an update so it fits the iPhone 6 and 6 plus screen sizes. Its annoying to use when only half the screen is being used.
You have to change the tax settings under the settings tab, but after you type in the tax percentage, the "done" button disappears so you cant go back. Have to restart the app all over and youll lose the tax settings. You cant win.